Making The Most of Small Spaces


Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo enjoys making the most of small spaces—which is why she has turned her on-set trailer into a miniature home-away-from-home. Here’s our guide to creating her look.

small space

Live large in your small space and make every inch count.

Maximise impact by making your small living room multifunctional. It’ll feel bigger than it really is.

3 design tips for small rooms

1.    Design upwards

Take advantage of that wall space. Tall, vertical bookcases are practical for storing and they draw the eye up, too.

2.    Use those corners

Don’t overlook unused spaces. Create a little nook in an unexpected place by tucking in a corner desk or table.

3.    Select unassuming seats

Chic armless chairs won’t overwhelm a space, making it feel airier. Pick light colors to help open up the room.

Finishing touches



Bounce and reflect light all over the place to create the illusion of a larger space.



Table, desk and wall lamps are the way to go, because they take up less floor space.



Cutting clutter is key. Decorative cubes tuck things away neatly and double as a table.



They’re extra guest seating, they’re storage, they let you kick your feet up. Triple threat.

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