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Most interior styles evolve and the Hamptons style is no different. Its not a total overhaul of the luxe Hamptons look and feel we have known, but more a rejuvenation to bring the style into the now and we are obsessed by its new direction! The traditional Hamptons style was crisp, bright white with contrasting bold blues, however this new Hamptons style has less contrasting colours and way more visually calm – you should be able to feel the new serenity! 

Here is a room-by-room guide to make sure you achieve that new Hamptons style guide and transform your space into a Hamptons retreat you will never want to leave.

Hamptons Style Kitchens

  • Keeping the floor dark is your foundation. We suggest choosing a deep chocolate timber
  • Glossy white cabinetry keeps that traditional Hampton Style alive
  • Look for cool greys and oatmeal toning on the walls and bench tops to keep the warmth in the room
  • A large deep sink with black tapware is a modern-day twist
  • Insert little gold accessories throughout, especially on the benchtop

Hamptons Style Bathrooms

  • You will need a grey and white colour palette to consume most of the space
  • Adding pops of matt black colourway in your fittings and fixtures will modernise the space
  • To tap into the high-end look and feel keep the floor reflective and glossy
  • Handles on the cabinetry and the cabinetry itself must be kept traditional
  • For a more luxurious feel to your space elevate the vanity off the floor 

Hamptons Style Living Rooms

  • Upon a deep chocolate wooden floor, choose a blue and white rug with a strong pattern
  • Compliment this with a round or oval coffee table (glass top is preferable) to soften the look
  • Lounge needs to be kept to soft grey or beige toning’s to keep the look light – studded armchairs are a fabulous addition
  • Bring a little luxury with aged brass side tables
  • Décor can also be added with the obvious seaside look fitting in well, but no sand in bottles
  • Keep the feminine aspect with soft floral cushions against block colours like deep ocean blue

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